Network Readings

Selected articles and commentary for fortnightly reflection and discussion

Fortnightly Resources

Postgraduates can receive fortnightly resource emails in term time for reflection and group discussion at the lunch table.

These include blog-style material, links to articles and chapters with bespoke discussion questions, interviews and reflections from Christian academics across Europe.

Previous series include:

  • Developing Virtues for the Intellectual Life
  • Practical Ideas for Postgraduate Work
  • Introduction to Theology, Christian Scholarship and Academic Apologetics
  • Seven Theological Categories for Relating the Gospel and Academic Work

Current Cambridge students should sign up through UCCF Research – the postgraduate ministry of the British IFES movement with whom we are in partnership.

If you’re about to leave Cambridge for Continental Europe, sign up through the IFES Europe Postgraduate Initiative: Good News for the University.

Beyond the Study Centre, group discussion of the readings can take place locally in other cities through the Association of Christian Postgraduate Groups (UCCF and IFES Europe).

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